15% Off Wax Concentrates & 10% Off Sublingual Strips!

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Take 15% Off All Wax Concentrates & 10% Off AGL Sublingual Strips!

15% Off All Wax Concentrates


Wax concentrates have been extracted using a safe and clean process which utilizes carbon dioxide (CO2), a non-toxic solvent, to extract the plants essential oils from the plant material. Significant time and care is taken to produce a concentrate which retains the unique flavor of the cannabis strain, in addition to delivering a product with increased potency compared to the original flower used for the extraction process.

Concentrates are intended for patients with an advanced tolerance, who are interested in reducing the amount of medical cannabis needing to be inhaled at each time of use, to achieve similar symptomatic relief when compared to cannabis flower. When used properly, concentrates can be a much more cost effective product for many patients.

We are currently stocking a variety of wax concentrates with differing ranges of potency and CBD:THC ratios.

Here is an example of a wax concentrate analysis report:

CPS Fioraden B Wax #3
Sativa Dominant


As you can see, the potency of this product is 3X stronger when compared to a cannabis flower containing 20% THCA.


To properly utilize this product, we  recommend using a concentrate specific device like the Dr. Dabber. Get your Dr. Dabbler at Prime Wellness today!


 Take 10% off AGL Sublingual Strips!


The AGL Sublingual Strips, which are available in both Indica and Sativa, dissolve in under (30) seconds when placed under-the-tongue. The cannabinoids (THC, CBD) are able to quickly reach the bloodstream through the oral mucosa, providing patients with a faster onset of effects.

This product has been a wonderful addition for many patients who needed a medical cannabis product which has a longer duration of action (4-6 hours), with a faster onset of effects compared to a traditional ingested edible.

Each package of AGL Sublingual Strips contains (10) individual strips. Packages are currently on sale for $45.00. Sales price offered for limited time only.

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