Curaleaf Tincture Now Available

We are pleased to announce that we have our first orally consumable product in stock!

Curaleaf is delivering a Sativa dominant tincture made with a CO2 Extracted Oil from the Curaleaf Gold T20 flowers and mixed with Safflower Oil. The tincture will be available in a 30 ml vial with 15 ml of solution. There is a graduated dropper for each vial with increments of .25 ml, .5 ml, .75 ml, and 1.0 ml to assist in both determining and repeating consistent dosages.curaleaftincture

Each tincture vial contains 168 mg of THC, which equates to:

  • 1 ml of solution = 11 mg of THC
  • .75 ml of solution = 8.25 mg of THC
  • .5 ml of solution = 5.5 mg of THC
  • .25 ml of solution = 2.75 mg of THC

The total solution is equivalent to 1250 mg of cannabis and would subtract 1.25 grams of medical cannabis from your monthly allotment.

Tinctures are typically meant for sublingual application (under the tongue) so the cannabinoids and terpenoids can enter the bloodstream through the oral mucosa. This allows for a quicker onset of effects (~20-30 minutes) and for the effects to be more easily titrated.

When applying the tincture, it’s best to suspend the liquid under the tongue for at least 3-5 minutes before swallowing for maximum absorption. Due to the swallowing of solution, its possible that patients will receive two modes of action, both sublingual and by way of the digestive tract. Patients can typically expect anywhere from 2-4 hours of symptomatic relief after ingesting a tincture.

As with any new product, Prime Wellness recommends to start low and slow with the first few applications. A typical initial dosage amount for many patients might be 5 mg. Patients with a higher tolerance might require an increased dosage to achieve the desired level of symptomatic relief.

If you are planning to visit the dispensary specific products, please contact us to ensure we have those particular products are in stock.

Please remember that consumables are much more potent than raw cannabis flowers and should be used with caution. It’s best to start with a very small amount to gauge the overall effects.