Find Your CBD:THC Ratio

Medical Cannabis is a personalized medicine, meaning not every ratio best suits all patients. The right treatment regimen depends on the person and condition being treated. A patient’s sensitivity to THC and its psychoactive effects is a key factor in determining the appropriate ratio and dosage of their CBD-rich cannabis medicine. Prime Wellness offers cannabis flower, cannabis tinctures, edible oils, vape pen cartridges and cannabis concentrates in several CBD:THC ratios so you can control the dosing and potency of your cannabis medicine.


Non-intoxicating. For novice medical cannabis users or patients who don’t want psychoactive effects (the feeling of being “high”).


Non-intoxicating. More THC (but not enough to produce psychoactive effects). The small amount of THC enhances CBD’s therapeutic effects.


Borderline psychoactive. For medical cannabis users who may have a higher tolerance for THC. This ratio is for patients who have been self medicating with cannabis prior to starting cannabinoid therapy at the dispensary, or for patients who have utilized CBD BRIDGE products.


Mildly euphoric. Some patients who are comfortable with THC find that a more balanced CBD:THC ratio best suits their symptomatic needs. The dominating ratio of CBD to THC will reduce the psychoactivity in this product but will not negate it entirely.


z5Euphoric (or dysphoric) in larger doses. Some patients prefer a balanced CBD:THC ratio and find it to be more effective than either THC or CBD dominant ratios. Patients should be comfortable with the psychoactive properties of THC prior to utilizing CBD POTENT products.


Intoxicating. Some patients find a higher ratio of THC:CBD to be helpful during non-working hours or primarily in the evening time because of the psychoactivity associated with THC OPTIMAL products.


Intoxicating in small doses. Some patients prefer THC dominant cannabis (with little CBD) to provide relief, and find the effects to be quite potent and strongly psychoactive. These products are to be used with caution and patients who are newer to cannabinoid medicines should build up a tolerance with other profiles before utilizing products with THC DOMINANT ratios.