Curaleaf Delivers FIVE New Products!

Curaleaf EVOD Concentrate Vaporizer

Curaleaf’s Electronic Vaporizing Oil Device is a revolution in medicinal cannabis, meticulously designed to provide reliable, effective and immediate relief – the way your medicine and delivery method should be.

1Each pack includes a pre-filled cartridge containing 450 mg of pure THC (equivalent to nearly one gram of concentrate) in refined CO2 extracted cannabis oil, made using state of the art extraction methods. Each vaporized dose inhales smoothly at just the right temperature. Now you can medicate discreetly, conveniently and comfortably. Curaleaf oil is 100% organic, with no plastic heating components, which can cause lung irritation, coughing and unpleasant tasting vapor. The EVOD and Curaleaf concentrated oil provide nearly five times the absorption rate, with a quicker onset and peace of mind in the integrity of your medication.


-Double the battery life, power and vapor. Fully charged, one tank generates up to 400 puffs.
-Solid design prevents leakage or lost product
-Heating element designed to eliminate any burning or plastic taste
-Button Activated: your medication is always ready at the push of a button
-Control your own dose: hold down the button while inhaling gently to control how much vapor you receive
-For larger doses, hold the button down for a few seconds before beginning to inhale, this will increase vapor production
-Refillable cartridge: easily refill your EVOD with curaleaf oil – an eco-friendly and sustainable approach to vaping that avoids the waste of oil in most disposable cartridges

Each Curaleaf EVOD Pack Includes:

One Battery (2 hour charge time, button blinks to indicate needing a charge)
One Pre-Filled Reuseable Cartridge
One Heating Element
One USB Charger (indicator light turns green to signify full charge)

Dutch Cocoa Chocolate Cookies
(Sativa Dominant)

• Each cookie contains about 20 mg THC
• Each pack contains 3 cookies
• CO2 Oil infused into edible is made from Curaleaf Gold strain


Green Tea Meringue Cookies
(Sativa Dominant)

• Each cookie contains about 15 mg THC
• Each pack contains 3 cookies
• CO2 Oil infused into edible is made from Curaleaf Gold strain


Infused Olive Oil
(Sativa Dominant)

• Available in a 4 ounce container
• Each container will have 160 mg THC
• CO2 Oil infused into Olive Oil is made from the Curaleaf Gold strain.
• Each tablespoon (just right for a salad!) will have 20 mg THC, 8 tablespoons per container


CO2 Oil Oral Syringes
(Sativa Dominant)

• The CO2 Oil will be Decarboxylated and made from the Curaleaf Gold strain
• Each 1 ml syringe will have 200 mg THC
• For patients who just want plain extract to take orally or to use in other manners of their own choosing (concentrate vaporizer)



Note: The DCP has created a 5:1 flower-to-extract ratio. That means there is a 14 g extract limit per patient per month (2.5 ounces monthly limit = 70 grams of flower divided by 5 = 14 grams of extract monthly limit). If you have additional questions of how this will affect your monthly medication allotment, please speak with one of our team members.