New Medical Cannabis Strains in Stock Now!

Prime Wellness of Connecticut has new medical cannabis strains on the menu! These two strains (Theraplant 14004 and 14005) are available in the Homogenized Raw Flower form in 5 and 10 gram packaging. In addition to the two newest strains we also have 14001 and 14003 available in Homogenized Raw Flower, Pre-Rolled Cones, and MedTabs.

Please contact us to learn which strains are recommended for the symptoms you are interested in alleviating.

Theraplant 14004 – Hybrid

Testing Information:


Theraplant 14005 – Hybrid

Testing Information:



Both strains are available in the forms below. Please note: All PRICES INCLUDE CT SALES TAX.


1. Homogenized Raw Flower – Gently ground medical cannabis flowers which can be consumed through a variety of different delivery methods (i.e. glass pipe, vaporizer). If you are unsure what delivery method is best suited to treat your qualifying condition, please contact us so we can assist.



2. Pre-Rolled Cones – Homogenized raw flower which has been ground and pre-packed into an easily combustible form. This form is commonly referred to as a “joint”. Each cone will contain .7 grams of medical cannabis.



3. MedTabs – MedTab’s are Theraplant’s innovation (patent pending). Each MedTab contains 1 gram of homogenized medical cannabis that has been pressed into tablet form and scored for custom dosing recommendations. A piece of your MedTab can be utilized in the same way as the raw flower. MedTabs will be available in a 10 pack.



Please keep in mind that Prime Wellness receives all products pre-packaged from Theraplant and we are not able to open any packaging and reduce the minimum quantities.

All medical cannabis products have undergone rigorous lab testing to ensure it is free of any type of contamination.

Prime Wellness will share the respective testing information for each strain once it has been released with final and accurate information.

If you have received an initial consultation with our dispensary, please call our dispensary for a product recommendation specific to your condition and needed symptomatic relief. We will also be reaching out to these patients as well.

If you have not received an initial consultation with our dispensary, please try to fill out our Patient Intake Form (found by clicking here),  prior to visiting Prime Wellness for your first shopping experience. Completed forms can be returned to, or printed and physically brought to the dispensary facility. Completing this process ahead of time will help save time for every patient. Please contact us if you have any difficulty accessing the Patient Intake Form.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.