New Strain in Stock …More to Come!

Prime Wellness of Connecticut will have a new medical cannabis strain on the menu today! Theraplant 14007 is available in the Homogenized Raw Flower form in 5 gram packaging and 5 Pre-Rolled Cones which equal 3.5 grams (1/8th).

In addition to the newest strain we also have 14001 (sativa dominant hybrid) and 14003 (sativa dominant hybrid) available in Homogenized Raw Flower, Pre-Rolled Cones, and MedTabs. 14004 (indica dominant hybrid) is available in just Homogenized Raw Flower.

For those who have been awaiting product from Curaleaf, we are still awaiting final analytical lab results and confirmation of delivery. Our hope is to have the product available by the weekend. Please call for an updated timeframe, we should have more information over the course of the next 24 hours.

Prime Wellness is expecting to receive one new strain from Curaleaf, available in the following forms:
– 2 Gram Packaging
– 3 Packs of Pre-Rolled Cones (each cone contains 0.75 grams of cannabis).
– Tincture – a medical cannabis extract which has been infused into a vegetable glycerin base. Tinctures are best applied sublingually (under the tongue) for absorption by the arterial blood supply. The onset of effects can typically be felt between 20-40 minutes after application.
100 mg of activated cannabinoid (to start). Light-proof glass vial with attached dropper for application
– CO2 Oil Extracted Concentrate Cartridge – a non-toxic solvent medical cannabis extract loaded into a cartridge for vaporization. Concentrates are for patients who are needing an elevated dosage level with an overall reduction in the amount of medicine needing to be consumed. Many patients will find concentrates to be more cost effective and medicinally effective. 300mg of activated cannabinoids (to start). Pre-filled cartridges for easy loading and use. A compatible “battery” or heating device will be available for purchase