New Strains & Concentrates Available!

We are pleased to announce that we are receiving a new strain this afternoon, Theraplant 14019. This particular strain has 21% THC. Theraplant 14019 is only available in pre-rolled cones in 3.5 gram packaging for $64.75. All pricing includes CT state tax. Please call (800) 263-8557 to ensure that new products are available when you are planning to visit Prime Wellness.

Theraplant will also be delivering a new CO2 extracted Concentrate that will be available after 3 PM this afternoon! Theraplant 14014x has the strongest concentration of cannabinoids we have received thus far. Theraplant 14014x  is available for $88/gram. 66.8% Total Cannabinoids = 668 mg of cannabinoids per gram.

The first round of Curaleaf branded concentrates are available this morning!  The Pre-Filled CO2 Extract Vape Cartridges are made from WHOLE PLANT Curaleaf Gold T20. Testing information below:
  • Sativa Dominant
  • .4 ml of concentrate in each Pre-Filled cartridge
  • 75 mg of THC per cartridge
  • 60-75 inhalations per cartridge
  • .5 mg – 1 mg of cannabinoids per inhalation
  • *Special Introductory Pricing*
  • Compatible O2 Vape Pen available
  • Available for only $17 per cartridge!
  • O2 Vape Concentrate Pens (Sold Separately) – $22/pen (Note: Our dispensary staff will help demonstrate how to properly use concentrate with the device.)


Please remember that concentrates are much more potent than raw cannabis flowers and should be used with caution. It’s best to start with a very small amount and one or two small inhalations to titrate the effects. We will have detailed instructions about the concentrates available at the dispensary facility.

Note: The DCP has created a 5:1 flower-to-extract ratio.  That means there is a 14 g extract limit per patient per month (2.5 ounces monthly limit = 70 grams of flower divided by 5 = 14 grams of extract monthly limit.  If you have additional questions of how this will effect your monthly medication allotment, please speak with one of our team members.