Obtaining a Connecticut Medical Marijuana Card


A recent announcement from the Department of Consumer Protection was released giving an update on the progress of the Medical Marijuana Program and stating that the state’s dispensary facilities will likely be operational by late summer or early fall.

The DCP encourages patients to make an appointment with their physicians promptly, to prevent delays in obtaining treatment upon the opening of CT facilities. Below are the steps listed in the DCP announcement for obtaining a Connecticut Medical Marijuana Card.

Acquiring a registration card is a multi-step process:

Step 1: The physician initiates the registration process by logging into a secure, online system and certifying their patient.

Step 2: After the physician electronically submits a valid certification, their patient can access the online system to complete the patient portion of the application.

Step 3: If the physician certifies the need for a primary caregiver, the caregiver can log in after the patient, and complete the application.

Per DCP, patients must designate one dispensary facility as their Medical Marijuana provider. Registered patients must select a dispensary facility by August 15, 2014.

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