Take 15% Off All Vape Cartridges

This week only…Take 15% off all Vape Cartridges from Curaleaf and Advanced Grow Labs

Vaporizer Cartridges offer patients at Prime Wellness a convenient, cost-effective, dosage controlled solution for utilizing medical cannabis to manage a variety of symptoms associated with all of the current recognized debilitating conditions in Connecticut.

Many patients who are accustomed to finding relief from cannabis flower or edibles, have begun to incorporate
Vape Cartridges which are pre-filled with a carbon dioxide (CO2) extracted concentrated essential oil, in order to minimize the necessary amount of inhalations required to achieve the desired level of therapeutic relief.


This is in part due to the elevated concentrations of key cannabinoids (CBD and THC mainly), but also terpenoids such as b-caryophyllene and b-myrcene.  All of which come in various profiles and concentrations depending on the manufacturer.

The other key component to consider is that both devices associated with the Vaporizer Cartidges options (O.Pen and EVOD) allow patients to harness closer to 100% of the medicinally beneficial chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant, when compared to smoking.

Vapor from these devices, which is in turn inhaled by the patient, would only be generated when starting the inhalation process with the Advanced Grow Labs O.Pen, or depressing the button for the Curaleaf EVOD System.

These systems drastically reduce the time and effort it can take to prepare all of the necessary elements for medical cannabis consumption, and can provide almost immediate relief due to the quick onset of medicinal effects, which are easy to titrate and dose accordingly.

If you have been interested in obtaining information or learning more about what Vape Cartridges have to offer, this week is a fantastic opportunity to inquire with a staff member at Prime Wellness.  We have demonstration versions of all devices and would be happy to show what each option has to offer.  There is a large variety of Vape Cartridges currently available and for a range of pricing that can meet any patients budget.

Please feel free to watch the device demonstration videos for the Curaleaf EVOD System below:

Using the Curaleaf EVOD from Curaleaf Media on Vimeo.

If you have any questions about the current availability of any item please feel free to contact us or view our menu here.

Please note this offer cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions, and is valid 5/12/15 – 5/16/15 only.